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Jan: Film Development & Printing Seminar

Teaching Artist -  Carol Antezana

Photography/Digital Arts

01/10/2023 - 01/12/2023 Tuesday, Thursday

Tuition - $135.00

In this two-part seminar, we will offer a crash course on the basics of film development (part one) and print making (part two). This is a beginner level class where you will learn how to develop your own 35mm or 120mm film, in addition to making your own prints and contact sheets. The seminar is designed to equip you to use our darkroom facilities on your own. Please bring one full (undeveloped) roll of 35mm or 120mm black and white film to the seminar. Due to the end goal of giving you the tools to use the darkroom on your own, both parts of the seminar are required to attend.

Please do not sign up if you can only come to one session of the seminar. NOTE: For anyone 18 yrs+. Contact if you have any specific questions regarding the seminar.

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