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Wednesday Afterschool Arts, Grades 3-5

Teaching Artists -  Blas Goncalves , Carolina Mayorga

Visual Arts

01/08/2024 - 01/08/2024

5:00-6:00pm Art: Cartooning
Teaching Artist: Blas Goncalves-Borrega

This class will focus primarily on shape language, proportion, and composition, with a little emphasis on anatomy, layout and perspective. The young artists will be able to create stories and characters that they can share with classmates and families.

4:00-5:00pm Arts: 3-D Sculptures
Teaching Artist: Carolina Mayorga

This is an exploration of art and design concepts, styles, and inspiration found throughout history provides a rich context for student discovery and development in 3-dimensional media. Spanish speakers welcome!

No class on April 17

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